Being Bulletproof Online was a great success!

Thanks to everyone that signed up and came along. The sessions were well received and I will tweak the material in the future to make the training EVEN BETTER!

You can view the video of the first session here: https://youtu.be/g94-UYfbKdI
You can view the additional reading material here: https://hobstar.io/training/bulletproof-online-resources/

You can also now “buy me a coffee” which is a way you can donate a few dollars if you would like to encourage me to make more fantastic courses and training resources: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/hobstar


I’ve created an app where you can gain access to exclusive content for all of my courses. It’s still a work in progress (as of Q3 2022) It is free to use and will allow you to watch short videos on different topics and activities that will boost your learning and supplement the in-class materials if you are taking on of my courses. I am not able to collect any personal information about you via this app, no data is stored unless you enter ‘class notes’ or ‘comments’ but it is never linked to your account.

You can access it on any device, iPhone, Android phone, laptop or desktop computer with the QR code below (some phones don’t play nice) or, from the link below (type it into your browser). Finally, if you are still having issues, I can txt or email you a link. Email me at hobstar@protonmail.com or visit my site for the link as well http://www.hobstar.io

I’d love feedback on your experiences and even any testimonials that you would be willing to provide.


Exciting News!

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