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Welcome to your one-stop-shop or company rebranding, new logos and everything in between.

The Process

A unique, client-focused, approach to branding for your business or project.

Discovery Phase

In-depth discussion of company needs, mission statement, values, and pain points. Establish branding colours and design type desired (e.g. Emblems, Letterforms.)

Complete a competitor analysis and determine the current market ‘vibe.’ Determine the quality that is desirable (e.g. conservative or radical designs.)

Cover what colours you like, compare different font styles but also prepare to be surprised.

You may not know right away what you want, but this process will give me a place to start and make sure we arrive at a happy place.


This is where I take everything from discovery and start my process. I’ll take all of your information, your dreams and aspirations, mix it all up and produce magic.

But seriously, I’ll conduct my own competitor analysis of similar companies both locally and globally, determine where the logos fit in the “conservative to radical” spectrum and use that to get a feel for the ‘vibe’ of the industry.

Up next are mood bards, font selections and colour boards. Lots of brainstorming and sketching occurs here.

I will choose the 3 best options and turn them into prototype designs for the next phase. Things start getting interesting now…

Presentation Phase

This is a sit-down meeting, or Zoom if we must, where you get to see some very exciting stuff. Three options will be presented to you, complete with different options for each AND a look at how they will look on products and industry appropriate surfaces (think car doors for garden maintenance, windows for law firms)

You won’t love every design and that’s kind of the point. You will probably eliminate one right out of the gate. But when you find one that catches your eye, that’s when we can take things to the next level.

The chosen design will then move into the next phase where it will be developed and changes can be made to turn it from the best option into the logo of your dreams.

Re-Design Phase

Once we have the best design it’s time to improve on it. Any adjustments required during the previous phase will be done here.

I will create additional colour options for different serious, depending on your chosen extras packages (e.g. for business cards or website)

Final Presentation

The end of a journey, resolving your business’s pain points and entering into the world with your own brand identity.

Review of the final design in all its glory. Different options are mocked up for your particular industry.

Different colour options are provided along with high-quality files and detailed instructions on which files should be sent to which types of professionals for print.

Depending on your package, this might also include a website or social media images, stationery and business card designs. Simply upload to your favourite printing site and celebrate.

Before we begin:

  • After final payment, you own the designs
  • No hidden fees, upfront understanding of costs
  • You pick the package you want
  • Agreed upon number of changes
  • All packages you receive high-quality files
  • One-on-one interactions

Base Package

$100 Deposit
$250 on completion/ sign-off ($350 in total)
You get;

  • Detailed ‘Discovery’ process that gets you the right logo
  • 3 workshopped designs
  • See your designs displayed on various mock-ups
  • In-person meetings or Zoom
  • You get to be involved in the process
  • 1 final logo

Add a Bronze Star – $60
You get;

  • Business cards designed
  • Stationary designed (letterheads, pens, etc)

Add a Silver Star – $120
You get;

  • Business cards designed
  • Stationary designed (letterheads, pens, etc)
  • Images created for websites
  • Images created for Social Media

Add a Gold Star – $250
(coming soon)
You get;

  • Business cards designed
  • Stationary designed (letterheads, pens, etc)
  • Images created for websites
  • Images created for Social Media
  • Handcrafted “Info Website” (5 Pages)

Get in touch

Emailing me is the fastest way to start the process. Once we make contact we can decide on the easiest way for YOU to stay in touch via your prefered way.


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