Update September 2021

It has begun! I have started making courses and putting them online. I’m using a service called “Podia” where I have a lot of control over my own content. I’ll be doing a blog post soon about it. I’ll be doing a range of free courses as well as some premium ones.

It is my hope that one day I can do this full time. I love training and creating quality training materials. Check out my first free one down

Older Infromation

One of my mid-term goals is to be able to provide affordable, fun and engaging online training that covers all bases when it comes to delivery methods.

My plan is that for each course, I would provide; videos, audio, digital manuals (which could be printed) and weekly sessions at different times to be contacted directly to discuss course materials. I feel that this would create a training package that would suit most people different learning styles.

Each course would also have a free ‘primer video, which would allow you to decide if a) you have the equipment and programs required before signing up for the full paid course b) has the learning objectives that meet your needs. e.g. For the MS Word course, you would be taking through checking to see if you have it installed and look at the topics that would be covered, allowing you to ensure it’s not going to be too easy or too hard.

If you would like to help shape these courses, I’d love to receive some feedback on the types of courses I will be offering.

Feedback is greatly appreciated at this point in my development and planning. Below I have a list of courses I’m thinking of creating, I was wondering which ones you a) thought sound interesting and b) would consider taking (if they were a good price)?

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