About Me

I wanted to introduce myself and talk a bit about why I started HobStar Computer Solutions.

My name is Paul and I love technology. The only thing I love more than technology is helping people to learn how to use it. Might seem like a weird thing, I know, but I really do enjoy demystifying computers and enabling people to become comfortable with technology.

The problem I hope to solve is; training people to use computers that think that they are un-trainable. To make training accessible to everyone and to support people who are completely new to computers.

The way I will solve this is; anticipate users needs’ and provide step-by-step instructions in a variety of ways, so that every user’s preferred method of learning is accommodated for.

I am creating this site as a testing zone to try out all of the amazing ideas I have. You will find a blog (like a journal of ideas or discussion pieces) and I will add content including an ‘IT Dictionary’ so that everyone can have access to a list of ‘tech terms.’

How I make money; or perhaps more importantly, how I don’t.
It is my promise that I will;

  • never sell your information to 3rd parties; the information you provide to me is kept private and secure, and if you wish for it to be deleted at any time, that’s not a problem.
  • never have ads on my site that I have put there. (Some free sites might put their own adds on there, but I will be moving to premium version at a later date)
  • never put ads in content that you have paid for. e.g. training videos as part of a paid course

So how will I make money?;

  • through selling my computer courses to you, my users
  • ads in free to access YouTube
  • through donation in Patreon (which will give users access to exclusive, value added, content)

So where can you go from here? You can click on the words near the top of the screen (Home, Blog, Contact) to move to different pages in this site.

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