There are now some really cool ways you can get in touch with me


Good old reliable email! Send me one with a good subject and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Let me know if you need technical assistance or are interested in training. The would is your oyster. 😛


Discord is a communications platform where you can create your OWN servers and interact with people on your own terms. Think of “social media” but good. I have created a server for all my HobStar friends; current and former students, clients and associates.

Just click the link above, read the rules and then type “-agree” without the quotes (and press [Enter] on your keyboard) and you’ll be in. I’ll then assign a ‘role’ to you based on how you have interacted with HobStar Computing Solutions (e.g Student/ Client, etc.) and everyone will have access to public chat rooms as well.

I hope for Discord to be a hub for communications, links to news articles and resources for students and clients alike. I look forward to seeing you there.


Podia is a training platform where I can host my own training for everyone online to access. I have one free and one paid course up so far, with many more of both types to come soon.

Recommend it to your friends who could use a little coaching in the use of computers. I provide both written and video training materials for everything I make, so all learning styles are covered.

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