MOVING to LINUX [Part 4] – “Dipping the toe”

It has begun! I have started to use Linux on my laptop for both work purposes and for play. I’m running a distribution or “distro” form of Linux called Mint and I must say, I AM impressed. It’s designed to feel a lot like Windows and does just about everything I need an operating systemContinue reading “MOVING to LINUX [Part 4] – “Dipping the toe””

MOVING to LINUX [Part 3] – “MY Checklist”

Welcome back everyone, I’m excited about today’s post because it’s forcing me to stop procrastinating and get myself moving to Linux. Well, procrastinate LESS at least. Today I wanted to go over the first draft of my own personal list of things that I am going to need to consider before I move to Linux.Continue reading “MOVING to LINUX [Part 3] – “MY Checklist””