MOVING to LINUX [Part 5] – “Half way there”

I did a thing! I removed Windows 10 from my main laptop and installed Linux! I wanted to use this blog post to talk a bit about the process and my experiences with making this big step. I’d also like to mention that I’ve documented it on my YouTube Channel, so if you’d like to see the processContinue reading “MOVING to LINUX [Part 5] – “Half way there””

MOVING to LINUX [Part 1] – “Why, what’s wrong with Windows?”

Prologue; David Tenant was MY Doctor. For anyone who’s not a Dr Who fan, I apologise, that last sentence won’t make any sense. But for those who do know a bit of Dr Who, this was all to say that Windows 7 was MY Windows. But sadly Microsoft will be stopping support for Windows 7Continue reading “MOVING to LINUX [Part 1] – “Why, what’s wrong with Windows?””